MI Books

For additional resources related to MI, a collection of books have been published to address several areas of practice including anxiety, wellness, social work, classroom management, groups, adolescents, medical trainees, etc. Click here for a list of these books as well as chapters from books and a bibliography.

MI Research

Read about the latest research in Motivational Interviewing. Recent articles focus on teaching physicians MI for discussing weight issues with overweight adolescents and behavioral interventions targeting chronic pain, depression, and Substance Use Disorder in primary care.

Reflective Listening in Action

To see reflective listening in action, watch this clever 5 minute video clip from the Paul Burke Training Group. A client talks to a therapist about the need to communicate more effectively with his boss. And in the video, simple and complex reflections are hi-lighted so you can clearly see and hear this MI skill being demonstrated by the counselor.